Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 12:49 AM
Lately ive been listening to a whole bunch of electronic and dance music to get inspired for the Halloween party we are throwing. So many artists have been popping out of nowhere and getting my attention - I didnt know there were so many good groups out that that catered this "genre" of music. The Bloody Beetroots in particular are awesome. I love almost everyone of their songs that I went and downloaded a couple of their albums and EP's. Anyway, the work for the halloween party is underway as we speak. Were trying to figure out a really solid song list of music that people will want to hear at the party. At one point we are going to ask all our friends on myspace and all of our other sites what songs they think we should play. The DJ will be there pumping everyone up, its going to be pretty epic. Check this video out by The Bloody Beetroots. These guys get down!

CORNELIUS from borntofilm on Vimeo.


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