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Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 12:19 PM
You might think im making this up, but they new Limited Edition Stay Classy shirts are almost all reserved already. All the people who have pre saled it so far will get it next week. We are shipping everything first thing monday or tuesday morning. I dont wanna say that its too late to get yours still because its not, but the truth of the matter is - these are going so fast that I dont see there being anymore by the end of this coming weekend. Just wanted to clear things up becuase a lot of people are saying "save me one" or "hook me up with one". I have no problem gladly hooking up my close friends but this is one of those things where my customers come first. This is a limited edition shirt and I want to make sure that the general public gets thier hands on this first before anyone. Nothing personal to my friends or family, but I do run a business and this is how I make a living. I might have made arrangements already with certain people and you know who you are. Things are still going to go the way that we discussed it so dont freak out! aha For those of you who havent done so and are planning to, please check out the site and pre sale a shirt if you want to reserve one for yourself. Again, these are going quick so get on it! Visit for more info.

That being said, I just want to thank everyone who is supporting my brand by spreading the word, expressing interest, purchasing a presale or in any other way. Without you guys, MONSTERMASH! would literally be nothing! <3 Lets keep this going strong on the West Coast!

BEAR ///


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